Butterfly S

Eheringe/ Schmuckringe, Apricotgold, Brillanten

Ring, rose gold, diamonds


Trauringe, Schmuckringe, Platin, Brillanten

Ring, platinum, diamonds


Eheringe, Schmuckringe, Gelbgold, Gravur

Ring, yellow gold, engraving


Eheringe/ Schmuckringe, Rotgold, Brillant

Ring, red gold, diamond



Wedding rings in platinum or gleaming gold

Sometimes a straight line is too simple. Curves enrich our lives. Twists in the end lead to togetherness as the ring does after the turns flow together.


Enjoy the flowing design, once the engraving is implaced on the band.

Diamonds or other stones

Love diamonds? Just start with one or add more later until your stunning wedding ring is completed.

We use only non-conflict and sustainable precious metals (LBMA) and diamonds in all our wedding rings

100% Made in Germany.
Our precious metals and diamonds come, in accordance with UN resolutions, from sources which have not infringed any human rights or supported any criminal activities. Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS)

Ring variations

Available in yellow gold*, white gold*, rose gold*, red gold* platinum, palladium and sterling silver.
(*14 and 18 carat).

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